Sharing This September Housing Market Update With You

Critical changes in the real estate market in September you need to know.

The latest stats for September are out, and today I’m letting you know what is going on with the housing market.

The median home price has dropped for the second consecutive month, reaching $582,000. This marks a 1.4% decrease compared to the previous month. Meanwhile, the number of closed home sales has also seen a decline of just over 2%, with a total of 3,792 homes sold.

Also, active listings on the market have increased by nearly 9%, totaling 6,858 listings by the end of the month. New listings entering the market, on the other hand, have also risen by 1.75% month-on-month, reaching a total of 4,863. Pending sales have shown an increase as well, with 3,845 homes pending, representing a .76% month-on-month growth.

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